10 debuts on the NewConnect Market in 2020

10 companies’ debuts on the alternative market NewConnect is a plan of the INC for 2020. Currently, several entities are under preparation, and some of them operate in the gaming industry. Plantwear, a producer of watches and lifestyle accessories made of wood, will debut on NewConnect soon. The Plantwear’s issue of shares was in June 2019 on the CrowdConnect.pl platform.

We have a dozen or so entities in our portfolio that we have been cooperating with for a long time including the GenXone company from the genetic diagnostics segment, which carried out a private issue forf approximately PLN 2 million and will conduct an offer on crowdconnect.pl by the end of the year.We would like to carry out another share offer from the IT industry this year. – said for ISBnews Paweł Śliwiński, President of the Board of INC.

Other companies in our portfolio are Spyrosoft, Olimp and MyFit. We also want to introduce on to NewConnect this year.The basic risk for our ambitious plan is of course the economic situation on the market, but it is also an opportunity for us due to the wide range of services we provide. We hope that the further functioning of PPK will improve the overall economic situation on the stock exchange and we are well prepared for a possible bull market. – he adds.

The last 2-3 years INC has devoted to organizethe group and adaptito new regulations. The purchase of a brokerage house allowed us to expand our competences and run the CrowdConnect.pl platform. This is a significantly different approach from those presented by other companies or crowdfunding platforms, because at the beginning of the investment it is known whether the company’s shares will appear in public trading. In addition, two alternative investment companies have appeared: Carpathia Capital (listed on the Romanian stock exchange and NewConnect Market) and INC Private Equity. Both companies are entered into the ASI register kept by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. The goal of INC Private Equity is investing at an early stage in the new technologies sector (gaming, life science, IT). In addition, INC has its own rating agency, INC Rating, which is the only one in Poland that has received the ESMA license.

The next significant step in the development of the INC Group was the signing of a contract for strategic cooperation with InnerValue. The goal of this cooperation is even greater dynamics of the Group’s activity, through the infrastructure built in recent years, using synergies and creating a “one stop shop” on the capital market. Since the beginning of cooperation with InnerValue, INC has been conducting advanced talks with 10 entities that want to raise capital on crowdconnect.pl and debut on NewConnect in the next several months.

To sum up, INC has all the infrastructure ready to service companies that will want to raise capital and ultimately debut on the stock exchange.

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