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Acquisition of shares in innovative medical start-up

UNIPAD Sp. z o. o. is medical start-up and it was established to conduct research and commercialization of the system flushing wounds, stimulation of healing using the potential promoters and non-invasive monitoring of the wound healing process. The project will be implemented in cooperation with vacuum therapy pioneer in Poland, prof. Tomasz Banasiewicz from the [...] Read more

Two new members of the INC S.A. Supervisory Board

Management board of the INC S.A. announced in Current Report No. 4/2016 that on the Extraordinary General Meeting from 19 January 2016 appointed two new members to the Supervisory Board: 1/ Eliza Bogusławska Master of English philology, graduate of Warsaw Univeristy and King Street College in London. She has many years of didactic experience. She [...] Read more

Investment in Moto44 Sp. z o. o., a Poznań-based company

Carpathia Capital S.A. acquired bonds of total value of PLN 1.1 M. These one-year bonds include the Bondholder right to require payment of the Issuer's liabilities by converting them into shares representing 26.25% of the share capital of Moto44. Additionally the bonds are collateralized by real estate mortgages. Moto44 Sp. z o.o. operates in the [...] Read more