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Govena Lighting debiut

Successful debut of Govena on NewConnect

Govena Lighting, a manufacturer of electronic equipment and lighting, made its debut on Wednesday on the NewConnect market. At the end of the debut session, price of one share increased by 40% to PLN 0.14. The owner changed about 2.2 million shares. In November, the company announced that it would carry out a new issue [...] Read more
fz – New platform for investors

On 4th December this year, on the day of the anniversary of INC S.A.'s introduction of the 50th company to the NewConnect market, a new information platform was launched, presenting the companies on their way to the capital market. FinancialZone Platform shows selected companies preparing for the stock exchange debut, which have chosen INC S.A. [...] Read more

50. debut of INC S.A. as the Authorised Adviser on NewConnect

On 4 December 2017, DOOK S.A. made its debut on NewConnect. It is a 50th company for which INC S.A. was the Authorized Adviser on NewConnect market. Debut of Dook S. A. was successful. The price of the company's shares on the first trading day increased by 19 per cent to PLN 3.81. Before 13 [...] Read more