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Detalion Games crowdfunding campaign ended in less than 30 minutes

The crowdinvesting Detalion Games campaign run by INC Brokerage House on the platform was a spectacular success. Investors subscribed to all available shares in less than 30 minutes. As part of the entire public offering, the Company raised PLN 1.4 million.  In the crowdinvesting campaign on the platform, investors subscribed for shares worth […]

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INC Group raised 24 hours PLN 1 million for Detalion Games

The INC Group successfully closed the first tranche of issue of Detalion Games shares – the so-called a silent investment round targeted at active members of Club 149. We managed to raise over PLN 1 million in just 24 hours. Second tranche of shares, worth PLN 355 thousand, will be offered from April 27 in […]

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INC Group has started with public offer of the Detalion Games

The INC Group supports Detalion Games, a Company from the PlayWay group, in obtaining nearly PLN 1.4 million. INC Brokerage House first addresses the offer of shares to active members of Club 149. Then the Detalion Games shares will be offered in crowdfunding campaign at The INC Group has also recently signed an agreement […]

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