A new innovative company funded by INC S.A.

On  20 November of this year, in Regional Center of Science and Technology ”Interior” in Nowa Sol held a press conference for regional media, concerning the creation of another portfolio company of Incubator ITERIOR,, co-financed by the INC SA, the shareholder in the project.
The center of projects and prototype’s construction  MALPOL Sp. z o.o. will use technology of reverse engineering CNC in designing the model fiber glass for the automotive and the advertising industry.

The new company was established on the basis of company’s organized part with the cash contribution of nearly PLN 900 thousand, brought by RCTiW INTERIOR and INC S.A.

The conference was attended by Mr. Wadim Tyszkiewicz, the president of Nowa Sól, who assured the local government’s support for initiatives that support entrepreneurship and he marked the need to build infrastructure, stimulating the development of innovation in the region.

Piotr Białowąs, Vice President of INC S.A. underlined the benefits for entrepreneurs and managers coming from collaboration with an experienced financial investor in establishing and building the value of new business ventures. He also stressed the importance of “patient capital” invested in the next few years, which, combined with elaborated profits might support the development of new businesses.
Mr.Andrzej Matłoka, President of  RCTiW INTERIOR and Mr. Marcin Walasek, President of the center of projects and prototype’s construction  MALPOL Sp. z o.o. discussed, on the example of the new company, the principles of cooperation with the originators of the incubator, highlighting a wide range of capital and advisory support for companies start-ups.
Information concerning further actions of Incubator presented Karolina Rudy, Project Coordinator Incubator Interior, which announced the opening of a new recruitment for the project.
Mr. Robert Lewicki, representing Wielkopolski Instytut Jakości, emphasized the expert support offered in building and implementing pro-innovation services for originators.

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