Debut of GOVENA LIGHTING S.A. approved on 6 December

Date of the debut of Govena Lighting S. A. on NewConnect has been approved by the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Company will debut on NewConnect on December 6th.

The company has been operating on the electronic market for almost 30 years and is one of the leaders in the market of energy-efficient lighting systems. The main areas of the Company’s activity include production of electronics, power supplies, transformers, dimmers, energy-saving fluorescent lamps and sale of light sources and profiles for LED strips and electrical accessories.

At present, the Company is working towards promoting its own power supply lines and possible replacement of the current main product in the form of transformers, as well as further development of the dimmers’ offer by launching the sale of a universal dimmer for LED light sources.

Entering the NewConnect market is part of the strategy adopted by the company for 2017-2020, which intends to strengthen its capital position as a result of a share issue in the near future. The debut on the capital market will also strengthen the Company’s position as a reliable partner both in Poland and internationally.

“The company’s debut on the public market will make it transparent, and potential investors will have access to current information about the company. In this way they will be able to get to know each other. The company owns and designs very high-quality products with high technical parameters. We need funds for its further dynamic development.” Says Beata Jurczak, CEO of Govena Lighting S.A.

Govena Lighting S.A. is the 51st company for which INC SA has acted as an Authorized Adviser on the NewConnect market.

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