Detalion Games crowdfunding campaign ended in less than 30 minutes

The crowdinvesting Detalion Games campaign run by INC Brokerage House on the platform was a spectacular success. Investors subscribed to all available shares in less than 30 minutes. As part of the entire public offering, the Company raised PLN 1.4 million. 

In the crowdinvesting campaign on the platform, investors subscribed for shares worth PLN 355 thousand. Earlier, in the first tranche of the Detalion Games public offering, in the so-called silent investment round, investors acquired shares worth over PLN 1 million. 80 investors took part in the offer. In both tranches, the issue conditions, including the price, were the same. 

The issue of Detalion Games shares was a great success. It seems to me that this is a peculiar Polish record in the speed of finalizing the campaign. This is due to both a qualitative issuer and an ingenious, and above all effective, project implementation by INC. This is the first public offer implemented by us divided into two tranches. The first tranche, under the so-called the silent investment round was directed to Club 149 members. In less than 24 hours, investors made effective declarations of subscription for shares worth over PLN 1 million. The second is the crowdfunding equity campaign, i.e. crowdinvesting, at It was completed in less than 30 minutes. The interest of investors far exceeded the size of the offer. Moments after 10 o’clock we had slight server problem with simultaneous handling of such traffic, for which we apologize. It is important that the problem has been diagnosed and the situation should not recur on subsequent emissions. – comments Paweł Śliwiński, president of INC 

Detalion Games is a Company from the PlayWay Group, which is a reactivation of a studio known among others from the Schizm series and the Sentinel: Tomb Guardian game. The key person in the Company is Roland Pantoła, considered a precursor of the Polish gaming scene. Currently, the studio is working on completing the game Nemesis: Mysterious Journey III, which premiere is planned for the turn of 2020/2021. Players will play the role of tourists visiting the beautiful, exotic and mysterious planet Regilus. The idyllic scenery will not last long, the dark elements of the planet that they will face will come to light. The game will have the character of a challenging adventure with numerous puzzles. The story will surprise and hold players up to the end. 

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