– New platform for investors

On 4th December this year, on the day of the anniversary of INC S.A.’s introduction of the 50th company to the NewConnect market, a new information platform was launched, presenting the companies on their way to the capital market.

FinancialZone Platform shows selected companies preparing for the stock exchange debut, which have chosen INC S.A. as an Authorized Adviser. Thanks to this platform, investors looking for valuable projects will have access to interesting companies in one place.

INC S.A. in its strategy focuses on industry leaders. We create a diversified portfolio, which allows investors to benefit from a wide range of investment projects. The platform offers projects representing e. g. branches such as: aviation, yacht, medical, IT, financial, event, construction, logistic and other industries.

Investors interested in specific projects may use the contact form and receive the latest information about the listed companies. also provides an opportunity to recommend interesting, prospective companies that would like to know the development opportunities offered by the capital market.