Guides for investors and issuers

Today, INC has released two guides for investors and issuers.

Guide for investors provides an analysis of our chosen companies from our portfolio that enable long-term investments with a high rate of return.

According to the President of INC S.A., Pawel Sliwinski: “The current economic situation means that investors are starting to look at the Polish and global capital market from a new perspective. The environment of low interest rates makes the profitability of investments in deposits and bonds extremely low. This is why stock markets around the world are enjoying growing interest of new investors. They are increasingly mature investors – they are not interested in high-risk giving the opportunity for a quick speculative profits, but recognize that long-term investments in listed companies allow you to receive dividends at levels exceeding bank deposits.

Guide for issuers shows the story of 9 companies, which  decided to take a step in the direction of the capital market, which enabled them to become a leader in its industry.

“Regardless of whether we are talking about modern and traditional sectors of the economy the key word was, it is and will remain – DEVELOPMENT. Main barrier in the small and medium-sized companies is access to long-term capital. Our response is the offer of raising funds for companies that have the ambition to become public companies listed on the regulated market of the Stock Exchange in Warsaw or the NewConnect market. Capital support of Polish companies, increase credibility and transparency in relations with trading partners, as well as growth opportunities through acquisitions – open up the prospect of a dynamic and long-term growth. Public company status is an expression of aspirations, vision and potential, so much sought after by investors, ” – Piotr Białowąs, Vice President of INC S.A. ”

Guide for Investors

Guide for Issuers

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