2021 - January - Debut of United Label and Incuvo on the NewConnect market


February 2021 – INC has signed a contract as  Authorized Advisor with Kubota company

March 2021 – INC is nominated in Invest Cuffs 2021 competition, in the category „Listed companies”

March 2021 – INC has signed a contract as Authorized Advisor with Zeneris Projekty and Brave Lamb company

March 2021 – Genomtec’s Debut on the NewConnect market

April 2021 – Debut of Drago Enterteinment on the NewConnect market

April 2021 – Zeneris Projekty raised PLN 3 mln

May 2021 – Hydra Games raised over PLN 1 mln

June 2021 – Samito raised PLN 2.1 mln

June 2021 – INC’s first dividend in the history

June 2021 – INC has signed a contract as an Authorized Advisor with Małkowski-Martech company

June 2021 – INC Team increased to 2 Authorised Advisers – Kamila Połomka and Jakub Noak

2020 - January 8 - debut Plantwear on the NewConnect Market

2020 yaer

February 28 – debut Spyrosoft on the NewConnect market

March 16 – New development strategy of INC Group (2020-2022)

March 17 – INC Group has signed a letter of intent with Movie Games

April 2020 – Detalion Games raised over PLN 1 mln

May 2020 – INC Group has reached PLN 5,3 net profit in 1Q2020

July 2020 – Drago Enterteinment’s transformation

August 2020 – GenXone’s Debut on the NewConnect market

September 2020 – Debut of Skinwallet on the NewConnect market and suport as an Authorized Advisor

September 2020 – INC has been attached to sWIG80

October 2020 – INC has signed a contract as Authorized Advisor with DetalionGames, Play2Chill, Incuvo and United Label

November 2020 – INC among best-rated the authorizated advisors of the NewConnect market

December 2020 – Play2Chill’s and Detalion Games’s debuts on the NewConnect market

2019 - February 11 - INC S.A. has signed a contract for authorized advice and introduction for NewConnect Market with Polkon

2019 year

February 28 – opening of the CrowdConnect.pl public offer platform; Plantwear is the first company on the platform

April 12 – ‘Doing Business: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary’ conference organized by the Wielkopolski Fundusz Rozwoju

May 31- June 2 – WallStreet conference in Karpacz; INC participant and partner of the event

September 17 – debut Carpathia Capital S.A. on the NewConnect Market

September 24 – INC has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the consulting company InnerValue

October 22 – Brokerage House INC is the first Crowdfunding Partner of the Warsaw Stock Exchange

November 8 – INC S.A. has signed a contract for the provision of consulting services in the field of raising capital with a game producer – President Studio, a member of the PlayWay Group

November 19 – INC S.A. signed a letter of intent with Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder

2018 - February 28 - Special Award of the Warsaw Stock Exchange for INC S.A.

2018 year

April 10- INC S.A. has signed a contract for authorized advice with Plantwear

April 24 – Paweł Śliwiński, President of the INC Board on the GetIndia conference. The purpose of the event was to promote the economy of India and show opportunities for Polish companies

June 7 – INC S.A. is a patron of a concert in New York. Together with INC, the event was supported by Rothschild Asset Management and the Polish Institute of Culture in New York

June 19 – INC Brokerage House signed a contract with Browar Przystań

July 17 – debut of PASSUS S.A. on the NewConnect Market

October 4 – INC S.A. has signed a contract for authorized advice with RRS  Transilvania

October 27 – 1st edition of the Capital Market Ball organized by the Capital Market Development Foundation

October 29 – debut of EKOPARK S.A. on the NewConnect Market

2017 - 30 June - the INC Credit Rating Agency assigned the first long-term national rating to a rural municipality in Poland. Bełchatów Municipality received a stable BBB rating.

2017 year

21 July – INC Credit Rating Agency The rating was listed by the European Banking Authority (EBA). This means that the unsolicited ratings issued by the agency meet the highest criteria and do not differ in quality from those issued on request. The Authority has confirmed in Decision No 2016/C266/05 that the quality of unsolicited ratings issued by the INC is not different from that of INC Mandated Rating.

24 October – the Polish Financial Supervision Authority granted a unanimous permit to Dom Maklerski INC SA to conduct brokerage activities within the scope referred to in Article 69, section 2, of the Act on Public Trading and on 24 October – the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) granted a permit to Dom Maklerski INC SA to conduct brokerage activities within the scope referred to in Article 69, section 3. 2.1 of the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments of 29 July 2005, i.e. with respect to accepting and forwarding orders to buy or sell financial instruments.

4 December – Jubilee introduction of the 50th Company for which INC S.A. acted as Authorised Adviser. The company that made its debut on the small trading floor was DOOK S.A. – a Wrocław-based company operating on the software production market.

4 December – launch by INC S.A. of a new information platform Financial Zone – presenting projects on their way to the capital market.

6 December – 51 The company introduced by INC S.A. to the NewConnect market. Govena Lighting S.A., a manufacturer of electronic equipment and lighting, made its debut on the alternative market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

2016 - 26 February - New issue of the INC Group magazine, successor to INC Magazine

2016 year

9 June – The inauguration of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Foreign Ministers of Poland and Romania, Witold Waszczykowski and Lazăr Comănescu, participated in the opening of the Polish-Romanian Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

20 June – Publication of the Guidebooks for Investors and Stock Exchange Issuers.

28 June – New website of INC S.A.

16 September – Bittnet Systems The debut of the year on alternative markets of CEE. In the second edition of the “Central and Eastern Europe Capital Markets Awards”, Bittnet Systems was awarded in the category “Debut of the year on alternative markets”. The function of Authorised Adviser to Bittnet Systems was performed by INC S.A.

13 October – Sebastian Bogusławski became a new Vice-President of INC S.A. The Supervisory Board of INC S.A. at its meeting of 13 October 2016 adopted a resolution on appointing Mr Sebastian Bogusławski to the position of Vice-President of the Management Board of INC S.A.

17 November – INC S.A. among the highest ranked Authorised Advisers to the ATS.

30 December – INC Rating Agency INC RATING, part of the INC Capital Group, assigned a long-term national rating to three local government units:
The City of Gdynia,
The project was carried out in the City of Wejherowo,
The city of Kwidzyn.

2015 - On 19 January Bucharest Stock Exchange announced the list of Authorized Advisers on the newly created AeRO market, which is an alternative transaction system for Small and Medium Enterprises. INC S.A. became one of Authorized Advisers on that market. Among the 22 companies that have received the license, only three entities - including the INC S.A. - were not local brokerage houses. INC S.A. was also the only Polish company which received authorization.

2015 year

On 19 February, at the Gala “The summary of Stock Exchange Market 2014” organized by Bucharest Stock Exchange, INC S.A received the award “Market Leader 2014”. INC S.A. was awarded for the largest number of companies listed on the NewConnect market in 2014.

On 19 February in the Polish Sejm held place the presentation of the project „Muzyczne Rodowody. Litwa” organized by INC East&West. The concert and the exhibition were opened by Marshal of the Polish Sejm, Mr. Radosław Sikorski and The President of PZU S.A (event partner) Mr. Andrzej Klesyk.

On 25 February Carpathia Capital debuted on the alternative market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange “AeRO” ond the day of its opening.

On 9 March Carpathia Capital, a subsidiary of INC, announced the purchase of Bittnet Systems’ shares, the company operating in the IT sector in Romania. Carpathia Capital purchased shares representing 10% of the share in capital and in the total votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders.

On 9 April INC S.A. signed a preliminary agreement to buy 100% of shares of PricewaterhouseCoopers Securities S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw. The company’s goal is to create INC Brokerage House.

On 14 April Bittnet Systems debuted on the AeRO market. The Authorized Advisor of Bittnet Systems was INC S.A.

2014 - On 5 February was signed an agreement between the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Regional Centre for Technology and Knowledge INTERIOR from Nowa Sól for financing the project "Establishment of the Business Incubator in science and technology park Interior" under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2013, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, in the amount of nearly 10 million zł.

2014 year

On 24 February, the District Court Poznań-Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań registered changes of the memorandum, consisting in the change of Company, under which the Company operates. The new name (company) of the Company is INC Joint-Stock Company. At the same time was implemented a new corporate identity of the company – a new website: www.icsa.pl and information financial portal: www.incnews.pl.

In the first quarter, INC has introduced three companies on the market NewConnect: Vakomtek S.A., Mega Sonic S.A., 2Intellect.com S.A.

On 24 March, Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw began publishing of indexes WIG50 and WIG250. INC S.A. became a part of the WIG 250 index.

On 20 May, the General Meeting of Shareholders decided to increase the par value of Company’s shares from the value of 0,50 PLN to 2 PLN, with the reduction of the number of shares to 8,343,099 shares (reverse split).

On 26 June in the National Court Register was registered a subsidiary of INC S.A. under the name Carpathia Capital S.A. – a venture capital / private equity fund operating on the Romanian market. The company’s goal is to build the capital market for SMEs in Romania modeled of the NewConnect market.

On 20 December was the premiere of the album „Muzyczne Rodowody. Litwa” –  the first music album presenting works of Polish community and Poles Abroad. Series is issued by the INC East&West Company and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. INC East&West is a non-profit organization working at the promotion of historical issues, citizenship and building ties with Polish community and Poles Abroad, as well as building partnerships with societies of Central and Eastern Europe.

2013 - The completion of the connection Invest Consulting S.A. - in 100% subsidiary of INC S.A. with the company Remedis S.A.

2013 year

The connection was made in accordance with art. 492 § 1 point 1, it is through the transfer of assets Invest Consulting S.A. (acquired company) to Remedis S.A. (acquiring company). Transfer of assets related to counseling department for local government units. INC S.A. received, in exchange for shares Invest Consulting S.A, Remedis SA shares, in number 24,173,436 pieces. These shares represent 38.19% of the total number of shares in the company Remedis S.A.

2012 - INC SA (prev. INVESTcon GROUP SA) second in the Authorise Advisers Ranking created by economic magazine Home&Market.

2012 year

The President of INC SA (prev. INVESTcon GROUP SA), Paweł Śliwiński, was confered an assistant professor’s degree by the Council of the Faculty of International Business and Economics of Poznan University of Economics.

Issue of shares series H with a face value of 0.50 PLN and the issue price of 1.04 PLN each.

The Management Board of INVESTcin GROUP informed about the intention of merging its subsidiary, Inwest Consulting S.A. with a company Remedis S.A. (listed on the WSE NewConnect, INC was their authorised adviser).

2011 INC SA (prev. INVESTcon GROUP SA) on the list of the 100 Fastest Value Building Companies created by NEWSWEEK and a consulting company A. T. Kearneyand ranks first on the list of Authorized Advisors by Home & Market magazine.

2011 year

INC SA (prev. INVESTcon GROUP SA) came first in the NewConnect Authorized Advisers Ranking created by Forbes, thereby confirming the highest quality of its services.INC SA (prev. INVESTcon GROUP SA) launched its official Facebook profile.

Premiere of the CD concerning the Greater Poland Uprising: We Can WIn, which originator and mecenas is INC SA (prev. INVESTcon GROUP SA).

Acquiring 110 shares with the face value of 500 PLN each of the company Inkubator Naukowo-Technologiczny Sp. z o.o. The value of the transaction was 282 571.44 PLN.

2010 - INC SA (prev. INVESTcon GROUP SA) receives prestigous awards from the Warsaw Stock Exchange for the highest number of companies introduced to the NewConnect market in 2009 and for the commitment in the development of the Catalyst market in 2009.

2010 year

During the NewConnect Convention 2010, company ROVITA S.A. is introduced to this market. It is 45 entrant on the WSE NewConnect in 2010 and 145 issuer in total. ROVITA’s S.A. authorized advisor is INC SA (prev. INVESTcon GROUP SA) S.A.

INC SA (prev. INVESTcon GROUP SA) receives a distinction for an active participation in a programme “Akcja Inwestor” organized by Puls Biznesu.

2009 - New name of the company: INC SA (prev. INVESTcon GROUP SA) Spółka Akcyjna.

2009 year

Appointment of the Management Board – the President, CEO – Paweł Śliwiński, Vice President – Sebastian Huczek, Vice President – Piotr Białowąs.

2008 - 50 company listed on the WSE NewConnect - VERBICOM S.A., whose authorized advisor is Inwest Consulting S.A.

2008 year

On 15 August Inwest Consulting’s S.A. Issue Prospectus regarding the public offering of 15 099 998 shares series F within the execution of pre-emptive rights was published. The value of the offering was 8.3 mln PLN.

Increase in company’s share capital from 7 549 999 PLN to 15 099 998 PLN.

Merger within the capital group – Inwest Consulting S.A. acquired Inwest Connect S.A. 2 672 400 shares series G were issued and offered as an exchange to the Inwest Connect’s S.A. shareholders; exchange ratio 1:1.

Increase in company’s share capital to 16 436 198 PLN.

Contribution in the creation of the WSE Bond Market – Catalyst.

Expanding the capital group by the company Inwest e-Finance Sp. z o.o., which will be responsible for IT and financial analytics projects for local governments in Poland.

2007 - Inwest Consulting S.A. secondary public offering (January).

2007 year

Private issue for the shareholders of IPO Doradztwo Strategiczne Sp. z o.o.

Private issue for the ING Investment Management (Poland) S.A.

Debut on the WSE NewConnect of the subsidiary – Inwest Connect S.A.

Obtaining a title of the NewConnect Authorized Advisor.

2006 - Inwest Consulting S.A. initial public offering.

2006 year

Signing agreements on advisory in the transition processes and introductions to the WSE with 9 companies.

2005 - Advisory on the PC Guard S.A. public offering and introducing stocks to the WSE.

2005 year

Signing the agreement with company POZBUD T&R Sp. z o.o. on advisory in the transition process of the company and introducing them to the WSE.

2004 - Organising the first municipal bonds issue to finance the investment within the ZPORR - structural funds (Nidzica) in Poland.

2004 year

Entry on the list of accredited service providers under the Phare pre-accession programme – ‘Financing for Growth’.

2003 - Advisory on organization the biggest municipal bond issue so far - city of Poznan, 500 mln PLN.

2003 year

100. issue of municipal bonds organised by the Inwest Consulting S.A.

Obtaining a title of the Central Table of Offers S.A. Authorized Advisor.

2002 - Organization of the first public issue of municipal bonds in Poland. (Miasto Rybnik)

2002 year

Disposal of shares by Wyborowa S.A. (former Polmos) in favour of Jacek Mrowicki and Paweł Śliwiński. All shares of Inwest Consulting S.A. became the property of Jacek Mrowicki and Paweł Śliwiński (50/50).

Company’s operating revenues exceed 1 mln PLN for the first time.

2001 - Organization of the first bond issue by a province in Poland. (Województwo Wielkopolskie).

2001 year

50. issue of municipal bonds organised by the Inwest Consulting S.A.

2000 - Organization of the first bond issue by a county in Poland. (Powiat Środa Śląska)

2000 year

Disposal of shares by Mostostal Ventures Sp. z o.o. in favour of Jacek Mrowicki and Paweł Śliwiński.

1996 - Polinwest Consulting S.A. took over a new issue of Karkonowski Brokerage House S.A. shares and became its largest shareholder holding 75% of shares. Karkonowski Brokerage House S.A. was than changed into Polinwest Brokerage House S.A.

1996 year

Due to the new owner’s new policy, initiation of liquidation of the brokerage activity of Polinwest Brokerage House S.A.

The position of the President of the Management Board of Polinwest Consulting S.A. taken over by Jacek Mrowicki and the position of Investment Adviser by Paweł Śliwiński. Beginning of the consulting activities for local governments and enterprises.

Advisory on the first bond issue of rural municipality in Poland (Gmina Mieścisko).

1995 - On 24 February the company was founded as "Polinwest Brokerage House S.A." on the basis of the founding deed for a joint stock company, with the registered office in Poznan.

1995 year

On 4 April Polinwest Brokerage House S.A. was registered and the shares were divided as following: 79.4% took up Mostostal Export S.A., 20% Polmos Poznań and the rest was taken up by the individuals. The main objective of the company was to create an active brokerage house in Poznan operating on both primary and secondary market, especially taking into account upcoming privatization of Polmos Poznan and restructuring of capital group Mostostal Export S.A.

District Court in Poznan registered a change of company’s name to Polinwest Consulting S.A. and new objectives of the Company, which became liquidity management for the enterprises, financial consulting services, tax and legal advisory, and loan brokerage.