Ignibit has successfully completed the public offering of shares

Ignibit – the company specializing in proprietary  video games production, porting PC’s projects into VR and the implementation of a strategic commercial contracts, has successfully completed the public offering acquiring PLN 1,5 mln from investors.

The raised funds will be allocated to Agony’s and Bum Simulator’s ports for VR devices, start of work on a proprietary production and to an increase of working capital to accelerate achievement of objectives. The service of offering Ignibit’s shares is provided by INC Brokerage House. This year, Studio want to join listed companies on the NewConnect Market.

We have already completed the public offering of shares from which we will obtain PLN 1.5 mln from investors. Thank you all for your trust. As we declared, we are going to allocate raised funds to start work with our original production and porting into virtual reality two games: Agony and Bum Simulator. Among our plans is for example an increase in working capital in order to accelerate our benchmarks. – says Rafał Krawczyński, member of Ignibit’s Managment Board.

The Agony is a survival-horror game developed by Madmind Studio. Players take on a role as a tormented soul which because of some unknown reasons wents to hell. Bum Simulator, in a humorous way recreates fate of main character who lives on the street. The game focuses on  survival in which help large number of activities and missions.