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On April 6, an agreement to purchase shares in the company 36 by twoindividuals was signed. The Company operates in the fitness industry. INC Brokerage House was a financial advisor for investors holding shares in the Company. The value of the investment is PLN 11 million over the next two years. The investment with angel investing capital is aimed at further development of

The company is a network of intimate fitness clubs based on innovative peripheral-strength training, during which one training unit lasting 36 minutes is performed on machines of the German Milon brand. Currently, the Company possess 32 clubs in Poland, and thanks to the investment just finalized, the number of clubs will eventually increase several times.

INC Brokerage House advised investors when making investments in As a financial advisor, INC Brokerage House was responsible for conducting due diligence of the Company, representing investors during negotiations, preparing an investment agreement and valuing the Company. As agreed by the parties of the agreement, the capital of PLN 11 million is to be entirely allocated to the development of the 36 minutes club network in Poland. Due to the current epidemiological situation, the contract was signed electronically.

– As INC Brokerage House, we are glad that we were able to advise Business Angels during investment negotiations, and that we have obtained the terms of the transaction satisfying both parties. Investors decided to invest funds despite the very adverse economic conditions, which are the national quarantine and temporary closure of, among others, fitness clubs. This is due to the fact that they see the potential of the project and believe in its dynamic development after normalizing the situation. This is proof a that good projects with rational valuations and a long-term development vision can obtain financing in all circumstances. – comments Sebastian Huczek, vice president of INC Brokerage House

Investment in is the second VC / PE transaction this year, finalized with substantive support of INC Brokerage House.

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INC Brokerage House holds a license to conduct brokerage activities in the area of ​​offering financial instruments and accepting and transmitting orders. As the only brokerage house in Poland, it runs the crowdinvestment platform. In 2019, it became the official WSE Crowdfunding Partner as the first brokerage house in Poland. has a network of 32 intimate fitness clubs in Poland based on an innovative training method using German Milon equipment. Thanks to the investment of Business Angels in the company, the number of clubs operating in the 36-minute formula will increase several times over two years.

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