INC Group gained PLN 2.25 million for MadMind Studio

The INC Group, specializing in financing innovative entities, has successfully completed a private issue of shares in MadMind Studio. The producer of horror games, in which PlayWay is the majority shareholder, acquired PLN 2.25 million from investors, which it will allocate to finalize work on the Succubus game. The INC Group has also successfully completed the crowdinvesting campaign of Olymp, which manufactures and distributes training equipment. MadMind Studio and Olymp are planning to debut on the NewConnect market at the turn of 2020/2021.

MadMind Studio is a Polish producer and publisher of high-quality action and horror games. The studio’s biggest production is Agony from the horror survival genre. The team is currently working on Succubus (action horror) and Paranoid (psychological horror). Most of the acquired capital will be used by the company to finalize the game Succubus, which is a spin off of previous games (Agony and Agony Unrated), which were well received by the gaming community. Currently, 70 percent of the game is completed.  The beta version should be available in December 2020. In the next few days, the premiere of the free of charge prologue will take place, which will be a cut of the beginning of the full version of the game (including all functionalities) offering about 1.5 hours of gameplay. The prologue will be released as a standalone application that will be judged by players.

– Our studio’s strategy is to build a portfolio of first-person games in close cooperation with the PlayWay group. We are currently focusing on the horror survival genre built internally by the development team. An example of this, is the game Succubus, for the completion of which we obtained the necessary financing, thanks to the support of the INC Group. We plan to launch the game in Q2 / Q3 2021. So far, the game has gathered a wishlist of 90,000. players. In turn, the prologue of the game will be released in the near future, which in my opinion will significantly affect the marketing potential of our production – says Tomasz Dutkiewicz, president of MadMind Studio.

The Succubus game focuses on exploration and combat. During the skirmishes, the player uses both a rich arsenal of weapons and the power to control fire. The authors also took care of a large variety of opponents, among which there were also bosses. Additionally, MadMind Studio has started work on pre-production of new games for which pages will be created on the Steam platform, along with trailers. This is a continuation of Playway’s proven strategy to explore the market and potential of future games.

– MadMind Studio is another gaming project that we have fulfillled recently. Based on previous issues, we can certainly say that it is currently the most popular industry among investors. MadMind Studio’s offer was met with great interest from investors, so we were able to obtain the appropriate amount without any problems – adds Paweł Śliwiński, president of INC.

The INC Group has also successfully completed the issue of Olymp shares worth PLN 1.1 million. The producer and distributor of training equipment obtained the amount of PLN 550 thousand in the crowdinvesting campaign. The Company intends to spend the collected funds on R&D works, increasing the inventory and obtaining the necessary certification. Earlier, Olymp successfully completed the issue of series C shares, addressed to large investors, from whom it also acquired PLN 550 thousand.