INC Group has started with public offer of the Detalion Games

The INC Group supports Detalion Games, a Company from the PlayWay group, in obtaining nearly PLN 1.4 million. INC Brokerage House first addresses the offer of shares to active members of Club 149. Then the Detalion Games shares will be offered in crowdfunding campaign at The INC Group has also recently signed an agreement to obtain financing with another company from the PlayWay Group – Play2Chill. 

Detalion Games is a reactivation of a known studio among others from the Schizm series and the Sentinel: Tomb Guardian game. The development team is headed by Roland Pantoła, who is considered a precursor of gaming in Poland. He began creating in the early 1990s, working on many titles at that time, including the cult Schizm series. It is the new production Nemesis: Mysterious Journey III is the studio’s main project in 2020 and a significant part of the acquired amount from investors will be allocated to its further implementation. Currently, half of the work on the game has been completed, and its release is planned at the turn of 2020/2021. Detalion Games intends, in close cooperation with PlayWay, to conduct pre-production work for games including from the area of ​​simulators. Such action is to ensure the diversification of the Company’s revenues. 

The Detalion Games offer is another gaming project that we have been implementing in recent months. We also signed an agreement with Play2Chill, which we will support in obtaining financing. The studio is currently working on the game Motor Mechanic Simulator, which will be the successor of one of PlayWay’s biggest hits – Car Mechanic Simulator. The successes of previous offers show us that projects of this type are very popular among investors. – comments Paweł Śliwiński, president od INC

In the first place, Detalion Games shares will be offered to members of Club 149 created by INC. In turn, next week some of the issue of shares will be publicly offered on the platform operated by INC Brokerage House. The platform is by far the only WSE Crowdfunding Partner. 

The solution we adopted is attractive of crowdfunding investors. Taking up part of the issue by investors belonging to Club 149 before the issue on gives a guarantee that the issue will take place. The Company’s shares will therefore quickly reach the public market. – adds Paweł Śliwiński.

Play2Chill is also a company from the PlayWay group that produces independent games from the range of simulators and simulation and strategic games. The studio is currently working on its biggest title Motor Mechanic Simulator, which premiere is planned at the turn of 2020 and 2021. The game concept is based on Car Mechanic Simulator. This is the best-selling title of the PlayWay group, whose sales exceeded 1 million units last year (without DLC).