INC in the Authorized Advisory Board

Within the new opening of the Alternative Trading System – NewConnect 2.0, The Warsaw Stock Exchange has created an Advisory Committee for the development of the alternative trading system – The Authorized Advisory Board.It is composed by 12 people, including 9 representatives of the Authorized Advisors.

One of the members of the Board established by the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange is the Vice President of INC S.A., Sebastian Huczek.

The duties of the Council will include: presentation of proposals directions of ATS development, creating guidelines of Authorized Advisors activities and taking action to increase the quality of their work and giving opinions on the changes in laws and regulations concerning the ATS organization.

“We would like to advisors who are responsible for verifying the credibility of the business potential issuers on NewConnect take a greater responsibility for this market. The rebuilding of confidence to the market will be possible if all participants will be caring about it”– said Paweł Tamborski, the President of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

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