INC raised PLN 3.4 million for a Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder group company

The transaction is the first result of the cooperation agreement signed in November 2019 between the INC Group and the investment fund. The SkinWallet digital goods trading platform, which raised PLN 3.4 million, plans to debut on NewConnect in 2020. The INC Group wants to introduce at least 10 companies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In the first quarter, it wants to present updated development plans.

In January, the INC Group successfully supported the SkinWallet platform in obtaining financing. By raising PLN 3.4 million, it reached 100% of its target. Earlier, INC informed about signing a contract to obtain financing for the game developer President Studio, whose main shareholder is the PlayWay Group. In recent weeks, INC has also carried out an offer of Noobz from Poland – a producer of battle simulator games.

In addition to the there agreements, INC has already signed 6 more agreements for offering securities or introducing shares on NewConnect. The next few are at an advanced stage of negotiations.

– We want to introduce at least 10 companies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange this year. They will mainly be listed on the NewConnect market, but also on the main market of the WSE. In the first quarter, we will present development plans that will focus on maximizing profit for shareholders and developing modern solutions in the field of project financing. They will be based on crowdfunding and blockchain technologies. We want to use the Group’s unique competences, including the fact that as the only crowdinvesting platform we have a brokerage license. – comments Paweł Śliwiński, president of INC.

The INC Group offers comprehensive services in the area of ​​financing, business and capital consulting and investor relations – thanks to cooperation with InnerValue. In particular for companies operating in the so-called new economics, including technology, gaming and life science companies. The INC Group includes a consultancy company – the Authorized Adviser and INC Brokerage House, which is the only brokerage house, which has a crowdinvesting platform –

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