INC S.A. intensifies its activities in Romania

The signing of the letter of intent was preceded by several months consultation with BVB, which resulted in, among others, the INC SA participation in seminars organized by the BVB in Bucharest and Cluj for several dozen companies interested in the presence on the Romanian capital market.

Activities in Romania are not only limited to advisory activity by the company INC SA. Currently, there is under development the appointment of Romania’s INC company, based in Bucharest, which will provide services for issuers and investors directly on the Romanian market.

INC SA Company is also a leading shareholder Carpathia Capital SA, which by the end of this year will have a seed capital of 2-3 million PLN, intended for first investments in companies that starting from 2015 will be placed to trading on AeRO Market of  the Bucharest Stock Exchange. The company plan Carpathia Capital SA is a debut on BVB (alternative market AeRO) in the first half of 2015.

Actions taken in Romania are associated with the implementation of the company’s strategy which assumes expanding their business geographically, using its experience important in the development of NewConnect and Catalyst in Poland.

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