INC supports Skinwallet in financing and entering NewConnect Market

November 19 this year, INC Group has signed a letter of intent with Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder. According to it, the fund wants to use the experience and competences of INC to implement the development strategy of portfolio companies. INC will be the first choice entity within the scope of implementing the process of raising capital and making it public on the capital market, in particular through platform.

INC Brokerage House will act as an offering in the process of raising capital by one of the fund’s projects – SkinWallet, a platform for trading digital goods in video games. It’s business model is based on the creation and use of solutions that support liquidity in the trading of digital goods. The platform’s revenues are growing dynamically from quarter to quarter. This year they are  expected to total PLN 6 million. The contract covers both obtaining financing and making the company public. INC wants to implement more comprehensive projects using the competence of the entire Group and cooperation with InnerValue, which is responsible for SkinWallet communication.

– The signed contract is a consequence of the letter of intent concluded with Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder. We believe that our first joint project will be successful and will open the way for us to broader cooperation in the processes related to obtaining financing and making portfolio companies public. – comments Paweł Śliwiński, president of INC.

SkinWallet wants to obtain financing in the amount of about PLN 3 million, which it will use for further development of the platform, in particular launching trade in digital goods, preparing locations for other countries and launching additional services for the exchange of digital goods from games.

– SkinWallet is growing dynamically every month. We want to continue the growth rate at the level of several dozen percent quarter to quarter. We want to obtain additional financing for the implementation of key projects and team expansion. At this time we are in the phase of adding more games to the portfolio and their location. In addition, we are counting on launching additional digital goods exchange services, which we plan for half of next year – says Kornel Szwaja, co-founder of SkinWallet

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