INC supports young talents in the “Golden Frog” contest

INC S.A., in the spirit of corporate social responsibility, believing in hard-working and ambitious young people, supports them in their dreams and ambitions to gain knowledge. With joy and belief we joined the initiative of the Foundation EKOS, for the second time by financially supporting the contest of knowledge of the Polish language and mathematics “Golden Frog”.

22nd edition of the contest was attended by over 11,000 elementary school students from primary and secondary schools from the province of Wielkopolska and Lubuskie. To the second stage have qualified 661 participants. The aim of the competition was to select the most talented students who combine knowledge and imagination with the ability to search for original solutions.

On April 18, during the ceremonial gala were awarded rewards and certificates to 45 award winners and 38 participants with honorable mention. The prizes were valuable trophies and material awards provided by the sponsors. Prizes on behalf of INC S.A. have been awarding, among others, by Aleksandra Persona-Śliwińska, a member of the Supervisory Board.

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