Information from Romanian press about INC and AeRO

The creating of AeRO Market and the introducing of the Authorised Advisors concept attracted significant Romanian media attention. The President of INC S.A., Pawel Śliwiński gave an interview to the Romanian portal Moreover, the information about the INC activities appeared in a separate article DealWatch and Agro TV prepared material from the opening ceremony of the session Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) by Authorised Advisors.

The extensive article of newspaper Parkiet about the INC entering on the Romanian market was titled: “The stagnation on the WSE. It’s time to conquer Europe?”. The newspaper pointed out that in the face of a shallow market in Poland, the output abroad can be an opportunity for brokerage houses, authorized advisors, and consulting and marketing sector. And that chance will be used by INC. The article stated that the Romanian capital market is currently in a growth phase, and Ludwik Sobolewski is the man who is to guarantee its success. Pawel Śliwiński is quoted by Parkiet: The difficult market situation should be treated as an opportunity to occupy new positions (…) The segment of IPO enhanced public and private market investments and IPOs remain preIPO our showcase in the country, and it will happen soon and abroad “.

More information about the situation on the Polish market and opportunities that the entering the Romanian market gives INC, is available in the interview with the president of the INC and in the article about Romanians expansion of INC on presented INC S.A. as the Polish company operating on the venture capital market and in investment advisory services, which will run a fund with 6 million lei, dedicated to Romanian start-ups listed on AeRO market of the Stock Exchange in Bucharest. The value of first investment is about 150 000 and it will apply to IT company. It has been marked as well that the INC S.A. Carpathia is a major shareholder of Capital and the only Polish company which received the license of  Authorised Adviser on Bucharest Stock Exchange.

In the interview gave for, the president of INC S.A, Paweł Śliwiński presented details about the companyțs activity in Romania. Until now Carpathia Capital has acquired PLN 5 million (approx. RON 5 million), but the total estimated value of the fund is 6 million lei. “The subscription for shares will continue until the end of January, so we want to be prepared for entry on the AeRO market, which will begin on February 25, 2015. Carpathia Capital Funds will be invested in new companies in Romania, while the total value of the investment can reach up to 12 million lei” – sad Paweł Śliwiński.

The INC Company is developing Polish capital group, operating in the field of investment and capital market advisory services. As an Authorised Adviser, the company supports small and medium-sized enterprises, helping to develop the strategy and to obtain financing sources for development. If you are a good entrepreneur, you should have an interesting company with great potential for development. This is the first step and after that are just numbers. Then we analyze the situation of the company and we try to answer the question: what will be the financial condition of company in next year? What in 5 years?”- said Paweł Śliwiński. Until now we have been acquiring the funds from the Polish entrepreneurs. However, with the entrance on the Romanian market, we will also search financing from local investors who will be decided to invest in the Romanian company – he added.

The DealWatch described the INC and had been quoted the speech of CEO of the Romanian subsidiary, Jaroslaw Rutkowski: ”The investment company INC Investments & Consulting, which is very active on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, intends to expand its business by investing in Central and Eastern Europe”- said CEO of the Romanian subsidiary, Jarosław Rutkowski for DealWatch. We are interested in acquiring companies. We are involved primarily in the Romanian market, but we take also into consideration other markets of Central and Eastern Europe “- sad Rutkowski. He added that the company is ready to purchase both minority and majority stakes. The acquisition value could reach EUR 1 million.

Agro TV quoted Bogdan Mungescu, the specialist of BVB in business development: ” All people from the economy sector complained of the lack of funding. Now the Bucharest Stock Exchange AeRO offers them a platform through which entrepreneurs may receive from several thousand to several million euros “.

Ziarul Financiar service stressed that the INC has already introduced 49 companies on the NewConnect, and together with the opening of the market AeRO it will introduce two companies: ” One of them is the Carpathia Capital, an investment fund dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises in Romania, while the other company is a company in the IT industry, which has been already accepted and nowadays is in the stage of due diligence” said Paweł Śliwiński for Ziarul Financiar.

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