New development strategy of INC Group

The INC management board has adopted a new development strategy. The main goal is to achieve the position of the national leader in comprehensive service for small and medium companies seeking financing for development. One of the effects of achieving the goal will be  a six-fold increase of Company’s value by September 2022. This is due to the assumptions of the incentive program, which is one of the tools for implementing the new strategy. One of the foundations of the INC development plan are diversified sources of income from advisory and transaction activities. The Group also plans to expand its operations outside Poland.

– Thanks to the changes that have taken place in the INC Group over the last three years, we have created an ecosystem of services supporting small and medium-sized companies in obtaining financing. We are a kind of a one stop shop, which consists of a unique portfolio of competences, experience and licenses. The first positive effects of the new, comprehensive approach can be seen in the systematically growing portfolio of projects. We are also negotiating further agreements, in particular in the area of ​​so-called new economy – comments Paweł Śliwiński, president of INC.

The INC Group wants to focus on consulting services for companies (Authorized Adviser, introducing companies to NewConnect, preparation of legal and organizational processes for obtaining financing, M&A processes), obtaining financing (offering financial instruments, the platform) and investments (through Alternative Investment Companies). INC focuses on companies from the so-called new economy including gaming, life science, fintech and advanced technologies.

– Many falls in the market behind us and a lot of bull markets ahead. The Group has been operating on the capital market for over 20 years. During this time, it adapted to functioning in a changing market environment, which is an integral part of this industry. Despite the currently difficult situation on the stock exchange, we are implementing a record number of projects, both in the area of ​​introducing new companies and offering securities. The diversification of operations leads, on the one hand, to ensuring balanced revenues and profitability through service activities, and on the other hand, enables the achievement of additional, above average profits for shareholders thanks to selectively conducted capital investments – adds Paweł Śliwiński.

The INC Group is currently conducting 12 projects to obtain financing through the issue of shares, stocks or bonds. The Company is also an Authorized Adviser in 11 processes of introducing shares on NewConnect. Over the past months, INC has started cooperation with three companies from the PlayWay Group. INC has also signed a letter of intent on cooperation with Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder, thanks to which INC will be the first choice entity in terms of obtaining financing or making the fund’s portfolio companies public. The first such project was successfully carried out, which was raising PLN 3.4 million for Skinwallet.

– One of the key elements of our strategy is technological development and digitization of services. We are already the only brokerage house running an online crowdinvesting platform. We plan to further development of crowdfunding, including revenue crowdfunding based on blockchain – comments Paweł Śliwiński.

INC is the first WSE Crowdfunding Partner. At the you will find proven projects with investment potential and companies ready to debut on NewConnect within few months of the issue or in the case of smaller entities, characterized by organizational readiness to conduct the debut in the perspective of 2-3 years. Currently, the INC Group’s operations are focused on the Polish and Romanian market. As part of the new strategy, further development of consulting and investment activities on the Romanian market is planned, as well as reaching a new group of investors on the DACH market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). In the near future, INC Brokerage House  plans to notify cross-border activities in Germany and Romania. The situation related to the spread of SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus causes huge uncertainty in the financial markets. However, the Company is in a good condition – it has no debt other than current standard liabilities, has liquid financial resources and there is no threat to its functioning. The Company uses the current time to preprare documentation for the possible extension of existing licenses, to prepare started projects, and also negotiates new contracts so that when market perturbations cease to be fully ready for their implementation.

– We’re not giving up, we’re just arming ourselves for a new bull market. We have been working on the base of individual investors for many months and we are creating a club 149. Club members are not bound by the necessity of redemptions, just like institutional investors and already indicate that they see many investment opportunities. The projects we run will certainly interest them, so we are not afraid of the demand side – adds the president of INC.

The Group also intends to develop investment activities realized through Alternative Investment Companies included in the INC Capital Group, i.e. Carpathia Capital and INC Private Equity ASI.

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