New Segmentation of NewConnect

On Wednesday, June 29 at the Warsaw Stock Exchange took place a press briefing about new segmentation of the NewConnect market. The new segmentation of NewConnect is one of the main elements of the NewConnect 2.0 project which aims to improve trade safety and market transparency. Among the participants of the meeting was Vice President of INC SA Sebastian Huczek.

NC Lead, NC HLR and NC SHLR will be replaced by the segments NC Focus, NC Base and NC Alert. Also classification criteria for companies in the NCIndex will be modified while while NCIndex30 will no longer be calculated or published.

The new segmentation of NewConnect has been designed by the Exchange in close co-operation with the Council of Authorised Advisers. The new segmentation rules will help investors identify the condition of companies listed on NewConnect and the resulting investment risks, making the market more transparent and encouraging the search for new investment opportunities.

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