Noobz from Poland gains over 0.56 million from investors

Noobz from Poland, a producer of battle simulator games, has acquired over PLN 0.56 million as part of a private offer. The issue price was set at PLN 18. The reductions on individual subscriptions amounted to 67 percent. Funds from the issue will be allocated to the new PC project. The adviser on raising capital for the company was INC Brokerage House. Already in the first quarter, the most important studio project – Total Tank Simulator for PC – will go on sale. The publisher of the title is a global giant – 505 Games.

Noobz from Poland plans to debut on the NewConnect Market in 2020. The private issue of the company was very popular. The demand from investors significantly exceeded the number of shares offered by the company.

Thank you to investors for trust. Thanks to their support, the company will receive over PLN 0.56 million, which will be entirely allocated to the new project in the PC version. It will be a grand strategy game set in the realities of World War II, involving the management of the state. The title will have elements such as: economic management, diplomacy, warfare management. We direct it for an older and more demanding player. Soon we will give more information on this subject – informs Jarosław Kotowski, president of Noobz from Poland.

The adviser on raising capital for the company was INC Brokerage House.

This is the first issue in the gaming industry in which INC Brokerage House was an advisor and an offeror. The issue is a great success in a rather difficult market environment. The interest in the offer was really high and significantly exceeded the capital needs of the company – comments Paweł Śliwiński, president of INC Brokerage House.

In the first quarter of 2020, Noobz from Poland plans to launch its most important project in the PC version – Total Tank Simulator. It is a physics-based strategic battle simulator set in the realities of World War II. The title allows players to play the role of commanders, deploying huge armies on the battlefield and watching their tactical duels in intense battles. The game contains over 50 maps and hundreds of historical units and weapons. The publisher of the game is the world-famous global publisher – 505 Games.

A few months after the premiere, the company plans to release a large, paid DLC for the game.

Next year, Noobz from Poland wants to join the group of companies listed on the NewConnect Market.