Olymp S.A. raised over PLN 1 million from investors with the suport of the INC Group

Olymp S.A., a company dealing with the production and distribution of training equipment, successfully completed the crowdfunding campaign presented on the CrowdConnect.pl platform. Investors subscribed for all series D shares available in 2nd tranche, with a value of PLN 550 thousand. Earlier, Olymp successfully completed the issue of series C shares, addressed to large investors, from whom it also acquired PLN 550 thousand.

Olymp will spend the collected money on research and development, increasing equipment inventory and obtaining certification. Crowdfunding investors could buy series D shares with a value of up to PLN 25,000 at a time. The Company previously completed the issue of series C shares with a value of PLN 550 thousand. PLN. The stock was targeted at large investors.

-Olymp operates in the dynamically growing market of fitness equipment. The number of gyms and fitness clubs has grown significantly in recent years. The natural beneficiaries of this are equipment manufacturers, including Olymp – comments Paweł Śliwiński, president of INC Brokerage House.

At the turn of 2020 and 2021, the Company plans to debut on NewConnect.