Plantwear on its way to NewConnect

Yesterday, INC SA signed an agreement with Plantwear for authorized consulting on the introduction to the NewConnect market.Plantwear, which was founded in 2013, manufactures, distributes and retails wooden glasses and watches, wooden cases, rings, cards and bags. Plantwear products are made by hand from natural materials – wood and stone. The Plantwear brand continues to grow and sells on both the domestic and foreign markets, with very high growth rates.The distribution network of the brand’s products is developing dynamically. Export sales are made in the USA, as well as in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Serbia, Romania, Malta and the United Arab Emirates, both online and at fixed stores.After its transformation into a joint-stock company, the company plans to make its debut on the alternative market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in the first quarter of 2019.Translated with , ,