Publication of Annual Report for 2017

Today, Annual Separate Report and Annual Consolidated Report for 2018 together with opinions from the auditors were published.

In 2018, the financial result of the INC S.A. Capital Group amounted to PLN -4,503 thousand PLN. The valuation of shares held by companies listed on the organized market on the NewConnect market and the regulated market had a decisive impact on the Company’s results. The loss on updating these assets for 2018 amounted to PLN 4,761 thousand PLN. However, it should be noted that the loss from the update is charged to the result of the parent, that is INC S.A. and relates in particular to the old portfolio covered in the past as part of remuneration for advisory services.

As regards capital raising by companies, in 2018 an important change from the point of view of INC Group came into effect, consisting in introducing an amended Act on Public Offering (and resulting from the new Regulation of the European Parliament and the EU Council regarding the prospectus of 2017) simplified non-frontier emissions at the level of 1 million euro. The new regulations allow for a more friendly formula for public offers, including those that can be conducted via crowdinvesting / crowdfunding platforms. INC and INC Brokerage House in 2018 carried out work on such a platform, culminating in its launch in March 2019. platform presents public offers of companies serviced by the INC Group. Public offers platform is the first crowdinvesting platform operated by a brokerage house in Poland, and in accordance with the provisions of the Act on Public Offering (which confirms the position of the PFSA Office of April 2019), the offered financial instruments require a license to conduct brokerage activities.

  1. Annual Financial Statements for 2018
  2. Report and opinion on the audit of the annual financial statement for 2018
  3. Consolidated Financial Statements for 2018
  4. Report and opinion on the audit of the consolidated financial statement for 2018