Publication of Annual Report for 2017

Today, Annual Separate Report and Annual Consolidated Report for 2017 together with opinions from the auditors were published.

In 2017, the financial result of the INC S.A. Capital Group amounted to PLN -3,405 thousand. The valuation of shares in portfolio companies listed in organised trading on the NewConnect and regulated markets had a decisive impact on the Company’s results. The loss on revaluation of the investment portfolio for 2017 amounted to PLN 3,913 thousand, the profit on the sale of securities amounted to PLN 523 thousand, the profit on the sale of advisory services amounted to PLN 952 thousand, the profit on interest and dividends and the profit on shares received amounted to PLN 1,314 thousand. As at 31 December 2017, the consolidated equity of INC S.A. amounted to PLN 27.278 million, of which PLN 19.475 million was attributable to the shareholders of INC S.A.

INC S.A. received a special award from the Warsaw Stock Exchange during the Summary of the Exchange Year 2017 for the highest number of introductions in the history of the NewConnect market (51 companies). As at the date of publication of this report, another new listing is in the process of proceeding with the application at the National Depository for Securities, another company has completed its offering of shares and several entities are in the process of transforming their legal form. The INC expects that in 2018 more than 5 companies should debut on the market. In total, INC S.A. was selected as an Authorised Adviser by nearly 20 companies, which received funding for the costs of entering NewConnect under the 4Stock programme implemented by PARP. Dom Maklerski INC S.A. was selected as the offering broker in two projects related to the transition from the NewConnect market to the regulated market.

  1. Annual Financial Statements for 2017
  2. Report and opinion on the audit of the annual financial statement for 2017
  3. Consolidated Financial Statements for 2017
  4. Report and opinion on the audit of the consolidated financial statement for 2017