Spyrosoft’s debut on the NewConnect Market

Shares of the Spyrosoft Company, a Wroclaw software provider, debuted today on the NewConnect trading floor. 150,000 series A2 shares, 18,900 series B and 10,866 series C shares have been introduced to trading on the NewConnect Market, which together constitute approx. 17% of the Company’s share capital. The Company was supported by the Brokerage House in the process of introducing shares to trading.

– Spyrosoft’s debut on the NewConnect Market is the culmination of our over three years of activity. Today, we want to thank all our colleagues for their contribution and commitment to the Company’s development.. Together we have achieved great success. We decided to join the group of public companies, it was important for us to enable the purchase of Spyrosoft shares to people who worked for that success. At the beginning of 2019, we carried out an issue of series C shares targeted at the Company’s employees and associates – says Konrad Weiske, president of Spyrosoft – It’s rare on the Polish market, that’s why I’m even more proud of our decision – he adds.

The Company conducts activities aimed at strengthening its position in Poland and abroad. Thanks to the high quality of services rendered, the Wroclaw Company is able to compete with global leaders in the IT industry. The Company intends to base further development on the Polish and foreign markets, as it did in the previous years.

– Our strategic direction of development is focused on acquiring new customers from the industries in which we specialize. We focus on the globalization of our business and presence in other foreign markets – says Konrad Weiske – Last year we created Spyrosoft Solutions Companies in Croatia and in Detroit in the USA. An office in Munich was established last month. The industries we focus on the most are automotive, industry 4.0 and finance. We work with advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality, as well as based on currently popular public clouds.

In February, the Spyrosoft Group published its financial results that reached a record level. The Group’s net revenues in 2019 increased by 124% compared to the previous year and amounted to PLN 71.5 million. Net profit in the same period amounted to PLN 5.4 million and was almost twice as high as reported in 2018. Spyrosoft has been on the market since 2016 and currently has over 470 employees.

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