Successful debut of Govena on NewConnect

Govena Lighting, a manufacturer of electronic equipment and lighting, made its debut on Wednesday on the NewConnect market. At the end of the debut session, price of one share increased by 40% to PLN 0.14. The owner changed about 2.2 million shares.

In November, the company announced that it would carry out a new issue of shares immediately after the IPO on the alternative market. One of the development priorities is to improve the existing ones and design new electronic products dedicated to LED and OLED technologies, as well as to implement new functions and applications of lighting electronics products in the industry. The Company intends to intensify work on the development of new technologies in the field of intelligent light control systems, applicable both at home, in industry and in agriculture.

The Company undertakes activities aimed at promoting its own power supply lines, possible replacement of the current main product (transformers) and further development of the offer of dimmers.

In the whole last year the turnover was at the level of PLN 11.9 million and the net profit amounted to PLN 13.3 thousand.

The Management Board announces that in the case of adequate financial liquidity, it does not rule out recommending the payment of dividend. The Company introduced to trading 71.04 million series A shares, 45 million series B shares and 30 million series C shares.

Govena Lighting is a 409th company listed on NewConnect and the 18th listing on this market this year.