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Detalion Games crowdfunding campaign ended in less than 30 minutes

The crowdinvesting Detalion Games campaign run by INC Brokerage House on the CrowdConnect.pl platform was a spectacular success. Investors subscribed to all available shares in less than 30 minutes. As part of the entire public offering, the Company raised PLN 1.4 million.  In the crowdinvesting campaign on the CrowdConnect.pl platform, investors subscribed for shares worth […]

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INC Brokerage House advised in 36minut.pl on the investment

On April 6, an agreement to purchase shares in the company 36 minut.pl by twoindividuals was signed. The Company operates in the fitness industry. INC Brokerage House was a financial advisor for investors holding shares in the Company. The value of the investment is PLN 11 million over the next two years. The investment with […]

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New development strategy of INC Group

The INC management board has adopted a new development strategy. The main goal is to achieve the position of the national leader in comprehensive service for small and medium companies seeking financing for development. One of the effects of achieving the goal will be  a six-fold increase of Company’s value by September 2022. This is […]

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