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Acquisition of shares in innovative telecare start-up

Brand New Care Sp. z o.o. was established to conduct research and commercialization of telecare services for the elderly or customers in need of care after surgeries or diseases. The solution will be developed for direct care on the ward, monitoring of the activities of daily living that provides 24 hour security and remote medical [...] Read more

Investment in Moto44 Sp. z o. o., a Poznań-based company

Carpathia Capital S.A. acquired bonds of total value of PLN 1.1 M. These one-year bonds include the Bondholder right to require payment of the Issuer's liabilities by converting them into shares representing 26.25% of the share capital of Moto44. Additionally the bonds are collateralized by real estate mortgages. Moto44 Sp. z o.o. operates in the [...] Read more

A new innovative company funded by INC S.A.

On  20 November of this year, in Regional Center of Science and Technology ”Interior” in Nowa Sol held a press conference for regional media, concerning the creation of another portfolio company of Incubator ITERIOR,, co-financed by the INC SA, the shareholder in the project. The center of projects and prototype’s construction  MALPOL Sp. z o.o. [...] Read more