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The Purchase of INC S.A. shares by the President of the company

The president of INC S.A., Paweł Śliwiński, reported that in the period from July to December 2014 has acquired 10,999 shares of INC S.A. for the average price of PLN 2.09 per share (the number and the price calculated taking into account the increasing of the nominal value of shares by combining them- reverse split). [...] Read more

Resumption of quotation in connection with the finished re-split

In connection with the completed process of reverse split, shares trading was resumed on 01.10.2014. Currently, the Company's share capital is divided into 8.343.099 shares with par value 2 zł (two zlotys) each. Read more
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INC buys back 1 million of its shares from WSE

Realising buyback programme INC bought back 1 million shares (2,9965 % of the outstanding capital) unto July 4th 2014. Read more