The public offer platform has been launched

The owner of the platform, and at the same time offering as part of the public offers presented, is Dom Maklerski INC S.A. addresses its offer to potential issuers from the SME sector as well as to individual investors looking for interesting investment opportunities.

So far, mainly start-ups have benefited from crowdfunding. These companies were at the beginning of their path. We decided to enable the use of the community’s potential in acquiring capital for companies that are already active on the market, have a history, succeed and plan further development. By focusing on crowdinvesting, we are also working for investors, for whom the digitization of the entire issue and recording process is a significant facilitation of access to IPO – comments Paweł Śliwiński, President of the Management Board of DM INC S.A.

At, we present information on emissions in a convenient, safe and transparent manner. We shorten the distance between issuers and the investor community and help in building relationships – he adds.

Emissions on are conducted in a public offering in connection with the assumed application for the status of a public company listed on the NewConnect market operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Estimated gross proceeds of the issuer represent from 100,000 EUR to EUR 1 million.

At the, there are companies whose goal, apart from raising capital, is also the debut on the NewConnect market. Investors will have the potential to be divested by selling shares on the public market.

On the website of each issue presented at is the approximate date of the debut – all companies intend to debut on the NewConnect market in the perspective of the next twelve months. The presence at is tantamount to the earlier signing of the contract with the INC Capital Group in the scope of acting as Authorized Adviser for the purpose of launching the NewConnect market.

Each of the companies presenting the issue at has its own information profile. Investors can get acquainted with its offer document containing, among others description of current activity, historical financial results, as well as forecasts, and also can get to know the team that creates it and the offer of its products or services. Thus, the scope of information provided to investors significantly exceeds the requirements set for offers up to EUR 1 million by law.

Publishing all company data and online emission parameters in one place is a guarantee of transparency as well as comfortable and equal access for the whole investor community. In the first place we put security issues, which is why we verify in detail every company with which we cooperate. For each of the offers, we present the basic ratios of valuation, which is prepared on the basis of current trends on the capital market. They allow to assess the attractiveness of the company, as well as to estimate the risk associated with the investment – explains Piotr Zygmanowski, Proxy of DM INC S.A.

Investors interested in the company also online may subscribe for its shares and pay for them. For this purpose, you go to a dedicated website maintained by the issuer, secured with an SSL certificate. Soon, it will be possible to thoroughly follow the entire diagram of the offer presentation and the recording process using the example of the first issue. Cooperation with was undertaken by Plantwear, the leader of the wooden fashion accessories market in Poland. The company designs and manufactures watches, glasses, jewelery and glasses cases by itself. The sale runs through its own online store and two stationary points.