The Hydra Games’ public offering of shares has completed. The company acquired over PLN 1.1 mln for the further development.

Hydra Games, the games producer and publisher from Warsaw, the author of well received title Don’t be afraid game, has successfully ended the public offering of D series shares. The polish company acquired over PLN 1.1 mln for a support of their games production.  Conditions of the issue were presented on the CrowdConnect platform owned by The INC Brokerage House.

– We can officially confirm, that the public offering has successfully completed. It means, that we took subscription for the shares so that we ancquire funds necessary for the continuation of the  production of our games. The amount of PLN 1.1 mln will significantly extend our range of possibilities in a context of increasing a potencial of these games. As we communicated, the raised funds will be used for a further work on new productions like Bad Trip and two projects with working title Artificial Intelligence and The Last Breath. Once again – Thank you all for your trust. – says Kamil Kurkowski, the President of Hydra Hames’ Management Board.

The warsaw company – Hydra Games has realised 2 projects so far, which were positively received by gamers community. Don’t be afraid is an adventure game with a humorous elements, where player takes role of a kidnapped boy, whose  main purpose is  running from a psychopath and survival. The second title is an adventure game with an artistic graphic design – The Last Show of Mr. Chardish. The premieres of others games of the studio: The Last Breath and A.I Artificial Intelligence are to be an important event. The productions are to debut on the NewConnect market  next year.

– We want to increase a monetisation perspective of our projects and provide an appropriate level of budget for further production process, so that we established cooperation with Bored Games and Dredge Games. First will create board games’ version of unforgettable game Artificial Intelligence. But the Dredge Games decided to be a co-producent of The Last Breath by adding to the budget its own contribution, increasing to PLN 500 thousand. We are convienced that our cooperations and funds raised from the issue of shares will lead to a maximum dynamization of our development – comments Kamil Kurkowski, the President of Hydra Games’ Management Board.

Hydra Games is during the negotiation of  the conditions of cooperation with Dredge Games. Both companies in the next few days will sign a contract, on the basis of which Dredge Games will become a co-producent of an author’s Hydra Games project with a working title – The Last Breath.

The intention of Hydra Games is a debut on the NewConnect market in the second half of the year. Additionally the company plans to register the issue of series D shares in National Court Register and National Depository for Security.