The INC Ggroup has raised PLN 2.8 million for Incuvo

The INC Group, specializing in financing innovative entities, successfully completed the crowdinvesting campaign of Incuvo presented on the platform. As part of the public offering, the Company raised PLN 2.8 million. Incuvo will allocate the obtained amount to the production of the VR Green Hell game and the expansion of the production team. The Company plans to debut on the NewConnect market by the end of this year.

As a result of the offer presented on the platform, investors placed on the Issuer’s website subscriptions for all available Incuvo’s shares for a value of PLN 700 thousand. PLN. In turn, in the earlier tranche targeted at large investors, the Company obtained PLN 2.1 million. In both tranches, the terms of the issue, including the price, were the same.

– I am glad that Incuvo’s public offering was successful. We managed to meet the assumed goal and obtain PLN 2.8 million for the development of this company. This is an amount that will be largely allocated by Incuvo to the production of VR Green Hell. VR projects are currently very popular among investors. It is also worth adding that the VR market is very promising and is systematically growing. Importantly, the competition on the VR market is relatively low. – comments Paweł Śliwiński, president of INC.

Incuvo is an independent gaming studio that specializes in porting and producing games for VR devices. The studio is currently working on a VR version of Green Hell. It is a simulator set in the uncharted and unique surroundings of the Amazon rainforest, which turned out to be a hit on PC. A significant part of the raised funds – PLN 2.1 million will be allocated to support the production of Green Hell in the VR version.