The latest issue of the INC Group Magazine

INC Group Magazine is the successor of the INC Magazine. In fact new magazine is enriched with some information about our group and capital market in Poland and in the CEE region.

In the latest edition, you can read about the current changes within our group. First of all – about the acquisition of Brokerage PricewaterhouseCoopers Securities SA by INC SA, whose name has already been changed to the Brokerage INC.

There is also information about a credit rating agency Rating INC, which has been authorized by the European Supervisory Authority Securities and Markets Authority as a rating agency in the European Union. As a result, INC Rating Sp. o.o. can perform ratings for local government units. It is the third credit rating agency established on Polish territory.

Recent months had also activities related to our company – Carpathia Capital, which is the first Polish company listed on the AeRO market in Romania. The constant analysis of the actors on the market, the organization of Cooperation Forum Poland – Romania – Moldova and constant cooperation with the Stock Exchange in Bucharest are only part of our activities, which you can read in the latest issue of the Magazine.

Another company which is part of our Group – INC East & West – has signed an agreement for the implementation of the projects in the cycle „Muzyczne Rodowody”, conducted jointly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This time, the company’s operations was carried out in London and Chicago.

All informations about our activities, companies from our portfolio and information about Polish and Romanian capital market are available in INC Group Magazine. Traditionally we included technial analysis of companies prepared by our team. We are convinced that a new form of INC Group Magazine will be a great tool to assist you during your decision-making proces.

The entire magazine is available here.

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