The publication of INC S.A. annual report for 2014

Until the publication of the report, INC S.A. has introduced on alternative market of Warsaw Stock Exchange 49 companies – the biggest number of Authorised Advisors who operate on the capital market. INC S.A. received the award “Market Leader 2014” from the Warsaw Stock Exchange for the largest number of companies introduced to the alternative trading system in the past year.

In 2014, INC S.A. took intensive steps to expand its operations geographically using its experience particularly in the development of NewConnect and Catalyst markets in Poland. The capital market in Romania became a development direction because of the fact that it is considered one of the most promising parquet in the world and because of the development strategy adopted by Bucharest Stock Exchange, which assumes the creating of alternative market dedicated to small and medium-sized companies.

In 2014 have been continuing an intensive work within the Company and consultations with Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), which resulted in obtaining by INC S.A. the title of Authorised Adviser AeRO market – the alternative trading system on the market BVB, which began officially its work on 25 February 2015. INC S.A. introduced to trading on AeRO one company – Carpathia Capital S.A., and currently it introduces on AeRO another company – Bittnet S.A.

In 2014 INC S.A. Capital Group incurred a net loss in amount of PLN 11,058 mln. A decisive impact on the results had the valuation of shares of the portfolio companies listed both on organized market NewConnect and on regulated market. Loss from revaluation of the investment portfolio for 2014. The loss from revaluation of the investment portfolio for 2014 was PLN 13 622 and the gain from the introduction of trading companies was PLN 715 000, the profit from the sale of consulting services amounted to PLN 645 000, the profit on the sale of securities and interest and dividends was PLN 664 000. As of 31.12.2104, the equity of INC S.A. Capital Group amounted to PLN 28.420 million.

Annual Report 2014

Consolidated Annual Report 2014

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