UKS 16 GIGANT Polish Team Championship

Charges of INC S.A. completed the Polish Championship UKS PZN with excellent results, taking 1st place in the team classification. This is the fifth title won by young players of the club in recent years. The victory was extremely impressive, as the first-team advantage over silver medalist was up to 252 points.

The competition take place  at 5 March, 2016 year  on slopes in Suche near to Zakopane. To compete faced 250 young participants from 28 different Polish groups involved in training of childrens and young people.

Individually the first place was won by Hubert Walicki. Second place: Ania and Kasia Skorupska, and the third Szymek Chojnacki. In addition, young members of  UKS 16 GIANT occupied many places in the top ten.

INC S.A. is a sponsor of the Student Sports Club 16 GIGANT. Believing in hardworking and ambitious young people we support them in achieving their dreams and striving to gain honorable places on the podium. We support 16th Student Sports Club GIGANT, which twice, in 2010 and 2011 won Championship of  Polish School Clubs in downhill.

In line with its strategy, INC supports those who in the future are likely to continue their achievements and continue to grow.

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