WSE report – a balance sheet after 8 years of NewConnect

Warsaw Stock Exchange has published the “The Report about the NewConnect Market 2015 – a summary of the functioning of the first alternative platform in Poland”. The document is the balance of the market achievements since its foundation and a summary of the current situation on the market.

The report pays particular attention to the NewConnect market reforms, which began in 2012 and whose aim is to raise labor standards of the companies present on that market.

Moreover, the report includes companies which were has been considered “success story” of the NewConnect market.Among them are Klon and ITG companies whose Authorized Adviser was INC S.A.

The report also includes opinions about the market. Among statements is also the opinion of Sebastian Huczek, the Vice-President of INC S.A., who said, among others:“From our point of view, as the Authorized Adviser, as well as an investor on this market, the change is noticeable – both in the approach of potential customers (the myth that “everyone can enter on the NewConnect market is increasingly debunking”), listed companies and individual investors. More and more people recognize that on this market are traded entities greatly varied: small and large, liquid and illiquid, and so on. The perception of this market is slowly changing (here it is need to stressed “slowly”) and may this process continues.”

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